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Offering spiritual pendent to clear your bad aura

About Us

Prakash Inscript Innovations Pvt. Ltd., has dispatched India's first Darshan Yantra Pendants for the Indian Religious and Spiritual group. Dijyo is India's Pioneer in tiny spiritual souvenirs that help to alleviate lots of problems causing due to bad energy. The 5mm Darshan Yantra Jewel is a unique Graphistone. Inside the pendants can convey any message from as little as 2 words to something as extensive as the whole Hanuman Chalisa with Hanuman-ji's photo. It can be visible through naked eye through light. Established in 2009, Dijyo is India's pioneer manufacturer, exporter and supplier of tiny customized profound gifts. With the essential thought that the omnipotent ruler, is everlastingly with us, the Dijyo Darshan Yantra pendant keeps the message of God near the wearer's heart.

The smart utilization of nano Graphistone innovation permits the production of the profound miracle including Pendants. Mantras are recorded utilizing nano innovation and after that made obvious utilizing smart optics. The Darshan Yantra is water verification and has over a 100 years life. We can make customized Darshan Yantra design and messages according to people desires.

An OM pendant lodging something as vast as Lord Shiva's, Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and Yantra and 12 Jyotir lings are unmistakable to the stripped eye as well as clear. The pendants give the force of Slokas, Yantras and God's picture. These three things are what can empower; fortify the wearer's body, brain and soul."You can likewise call it another era "Tabiz".

Headed by Mr Rajiv Arora, Prakash Inscript Innovations Pvt Ltd/Dijyo's first Generation Spiritual pendants are pioneers of 24k Gold nano engraving religious pendants. The trip of Dijyo began with the dispatch of pendants utilizing world's littlest Bible as recorded in the Guinness 2003. Presently they carry the second era otherworldly pendants with noticeable mantras, yantras and god figures. When you purchase a DIJYO pendant, it helps an exceptionally respectable aim. Dijyo underpins the cure of outwardly impeded kids by means of its drive called "The Prakash Childrens Foundation".

Why Us?

Some of the salient features that distinguish us from the rest of our business competitors are:
  • Developer of World's first Pearl Drop Pendants
  • The smart use of nano technology to create pendants and spiritual souvenirs
  • Highly versatile product range